Western Welcome Newcomers Events

Western Welcome Newcomers (WWN) has many activities for its members. These are made up of different events of three types: the regularly scheduled Club Meetings, Special Interest Groups and Parties.

The Club Meetings are described on the Home page. As a non-member, attending one of our meetings, you will be introduced to the club, see what the club has to offer and, perhaps, join.

The Special Interest Groups are focused around a particular common activity such as Crafts, Bowling, Golf, Cards, Book Club, etc. As long as there is a chairperson to be responsible for setting up and organizing the activities, we will continue to have that group.

Special Events occur about once a month. Parties are not always of the same type. There is usually a Newcomers Picnic, a St Patrick's Day Dinner, and a Christmas Party. The rest of the months will have some other event as innitiated by Club Members. Volunteer to be a helper on one of the events or be one of the organizers. Volunteer to to be one of the Newcomers Chairpersons or Officers. These are the jobs that make Newcomers work, that allow people to meet people and enjoy themselves. Get involved./P>