Western Welcome Newcomers Events

Western Welcome Newcomers has many activities for its members. These are made up of differents events of three types: the regularly scheduled club Luncheon Meetings, Special Interest Groups and Parties

The Luncheon Meetings are described on the Home page. As a non-member, it is to one of these meetings that you will come, get introduced to the club, see what the club has to offer and, perhaps, join.

The Special Interest Groups are focused around a particular common activity such as Crafts, Bowling, Golf, Cards, Literary, RVing, etc. As long as there is a chairperson to be responsible for setting up and organizing the activities, there will continue to be that group. For instance, for the RV group there is a Wagonmaster in charge of the RV sub-organization, which you, as a member of Newcomers, are able to join. The Wagonmaster sets the general year schedule and then asks two or three individual RVers to volunteer to be a host for that trip. That host is responsible for organizing only that one campout. This way, no one person has too heavy a burden in the organization.

Special Events occur about once a month. They come under the auspices of the Activities Chair. This person or persons, like the Special Interest Groups, is not in charge of organizing all the parties, but finding volunteers to put on one of the events. Again, the responsibility is parceled out and no one is overloaded. The parties are not always the same type. There is usually a Newcomers Picnic in August, a St Patrick's Day Dinner and a Christmas Party. The rest of the months will have some other event which might be something like a Turkey Shoot (bowling tourney and pizza party) a Hookers Ball (Valentine's Day Dance), a Sock Hop, a Pig Roast, a River Float, etc. It all depends on who wants to volunteer to help on the shindig, what volunteers can be found to help with the organization, the setup, the service, and the cleanup. As long as there is someone to help and some imagination, there will continue to be these parties.

Western Welcome Newcomers is a non-profit, Social Organization. For it to work, for you to meet compatible people to be your friends, you have to participate. Start by going to the Luncheon Meetings. Volunteer to join and help in a Special Interest Group if any of those groups interest you. Volunteer to be a helper on one of the parties, or be one of the organizers for one. Volunteer to be one of the Newcomers Chairpersons or Officers. These are the jobs that make Newcomers work, that allow people to meet people and enjoy themselves. Get involved.